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Central Station Monitoring with Rapid Response in Syracuse, NY

Central Station Monitoring with Rapid Response in Syracuse, NY

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State-of-the-Art Monitoring Facility

Our professional monitoring centers ensure you’re protected 24/7, 365 days a year. No provider invests more in the infrastructure that serves you and those important to you. 

Our multi-level security, reliability of our multi-carrier phone and internet connections, computer system and back-up power systems assure it. Even our back-up systems are backed-up for
exceptional performance and dependability. Plus, our professional facilities ensure our monitoring operators are not distracted. In short, every possible concern is pro-actively resolved so we can focus on the only emergency that counts, yours.

Controlled Environment

Some companies choose to allow operators to work from home. However, monitoring from an employee’s home provides lower-quality service with the risk of distractions and missed alarms. While some monitoring providers have chosen to allow monitoring from home, where redundancy, data security, quality, and reliability are compromised, we have been committed to delivering the highest quality professional monitoring services in the industry exclusively from our fully redundant facilities. We believe you deserve more.
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Why is In Facility Monitoring so important?

Industry legend Jeffrey Zwirn explains. Where are your accounts being monitored?

Certified Monitoring Operators

All monitoring personnel are certified following a rigorous six week training program. Additional training includes specialization in monitoring for video, GPS, complex accounts, answering services, personal emergency and others. All Rapid Response staff have a minimum of two years of college or military experience. All undergo a background investigation, drug-screening and periodic drug testing. Many are EMT-certified, and Spanish-speaking operators are always on duty.

An Industry Leader Since 1992

Rapid Response’s modern facility features quadruplicated redundancy in its power, communications, processing, network and security systems. It is in operation round-the-clock and prepared for any crisis. Personnel are scheduled by a highly sophisticated computerized system that places staff according to professional requirements, projected weather patterns nationwide and recorded activity levels, with crisis teams at the ready.