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Residential Alarm Systems

Never Go Unprotected

Automatic arming detects if your property is left vulnerable after hours and arms it automatically.
24/7 Property Awareness
Was there activity in a restricted area? Was the back door left open? Stay on top of operations even when the alarm is disarmed.
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Total Protection

Depend On Us

Every security system that Eastern Security installs is specifically tailored to the home or business that it protects.
Beyond decreasing the chances of burglary, having a security alarm system also provides you the peace-of-mind that you, your family and possessions are being watched over. In the event of a break-in, statistics show that a burglar is less likely to be successful at his goal in a house with an alarm system.
As security solutions have become more technologically complex, clients increasingly turn to the professionals at Eastern Security to install and maintain their security systems. With a staff of highly trained and certified skilled installation and service technicians, Eastern Security not only provides customers with innovative security solutions, but also maintains post-installation maintenance and repair services.

Features we are proud to offer: