Mobile Surveillance

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This Isn't Your Typical Camera Trailer

Our mobile surveillance trailer, nicknamed “Big Red,” provides 24/7 professional monitoring and full video surveillance coverage for any location. It is ideal for a construction site, event space, or parking lot, but can be utilized anywhere that real-time alerts and visibility are needed. It is equipped with four Uniview Lighthunter PTZ cameras, boasting 25x optical zoom and infrared technology effective over 300 feet, as well as a customizable 120 dB siren. With flexible deployment options and self-contained power sources, Big Red is the pinnacle of security and dependability, and easily adaptable to your specific needs.

Deploy Security Anytime, Anywhere

We provide the network as well as the power needed for our mobile surveillance trailer. All we need from you is the delivery address. Once deployed, our team of local experts will provide you remote access to the live video feed and real-time notifications. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are deterring crime and vandalism at your property – and with a much more cost-effective solution than hiring security personnel.