Access Control &
Intercom Systems

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Flexible Access

Eastern Security’s managed access control systems let you decide who can access your business.
Choose your way in. Eastern Security systems support a wide range of access control methods to create the perfect fit for you and your business.

Touchless Entry

Wave your hand or phone in front of the reader to unlock the door. Eastern Security leverages Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and location services to ensure the best door opening experience possible.

Mobile App

Eastern Security mobile access offers a unified credential by reimagining the digital badge and bridging the gap between cyber and physical security. Paired with our patented Triple Unlock technology, it’s the fastest, most reliable mobile credential on the market, improving security without compromising convenience.

Encrypted Keycards & Fobs

For users who require a physical badge, Eastern Security offers the same level of security and convenience with secure DESFire EV3 128-bit AES cryptographic cards with digitally signed identifiers that make it extremely difficult to clone or copy cards.

Guest Pass

Send a Guest Access Link to one-time visitors from wherever you are. Use for guests or service providers as needed. Guests can access from a link on their phones. No app needed.

Secure Keypad

The Smart Keypad Reader enables PIN-based entry for credentialed users and visitors.

Eastern Security’s intercom products are perfect solutions for commercial sites, schools, mixed-use campuses, industrial facilities, parking garages, retail, governmental, and correctional facility applications. Cost effective and ease of use for building guests and tenants.